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Student Wellness Committee


Randi Thompson (3L)

The Student Wellness Committee is comprised of members of the Student Bar Association, the general student body, and faculty members. Meant to provide mental and physical wellness resources to the law school community, the committee hosts various events throughout the year.



Kimani Beckford (3L)

The Student Bar Association President is the main spokesperson and contact point for SBA. The president presides over meetings of the organization and supervises all SBA business.



Keelin Kraemer (3L)

Student Bar Association's social chair plans events throughout the year meant to bring the law school community together and take away from the stress of school work. Student Bar Association organizes the following events each year:

  • Rump Court 

  • Chilla

  • Barrister's Ball

  • Various other events



Bryce Bradley (2L)

The merchandise committee designs and provides College of Law merchandise for students, staff, and alumni. Proceeds from each sale go directly back to the Student Bar Association for programming each year. 

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